If you know how to enjoy life and leisure is one of your favorite sins, Iquique will steal your heart. Set right by the ocean, among palm trees and tall buildings, taking a ride down the promenade in an open-top car or having champagne for breakfast won’t seem crazy at all.

Spend your day by the sea, enjoying the sun on a recliner, discover the ocean floor of the Pacific while diving or get on a jet-ski to enjoy the waves. On its beaches, nothing seems impossible and nightlife is enjoyed to its fullest in its Bohemian bars, where the cultural mix is evident.

Visit the Duty Free area, a trading spot with countries from the Mercosur and Southeast Asia; you’ll enjoy having a credit card when visiting the Mall. True paradise for shoppers, here you’ll find anything from electronics to high-end perfumes.

Enjoy amazing food at its restaurants with ocean views and try the traditional mango sour: a drink based on the creamy tropical fruit which is one of the city’s treasures together with the guayaba, grapefruit and lemons which grow in its oasis.

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Discover virtually each one of the following amazing places in the driest desert in the world

San Pedro Church

Moon Valley

Natural Sanctuary since 1982, the Moon Valley is a wonderful place with colorful geology. Located in the Sierra Obate depression, 2550 meters above sea level

El Tatio Geysers

San Pedro Church

The Church of San Pedro de Atacama is a Catholic church in San Pedro de Atacama, Chile. Constructed during the Spanish colonial period, it is reportedly the second oldest church in Chile.

Puritama Hot Springs

Puritama Hot Springs

Puritama Hot Springs is a series of eight large pools of geothermal spring water located at the bottom of a canyon in the Atacama Desert, in the Antofagasta Region in the north of Chile.


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