Here in Antofagasta there is a mix of stories about mining towns in the middle of the desert. The city awaits you with clear starry skies and beaches that are perfect for the family and sports.

Travel through history, exploring the corners and mysteries of the saltpeter offices. These old villages, whose boom happened at the turn of the last century have become actual “ghost towns”.

Enjoy the clear skies of the Atacama Desert to see the stars at the best astronomical observatories of the country.

Visit the beaches close to town, with white sands and calm waters. If you love surfing or bodyboarding, don’t despair, there are also waves to test out your skills!

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Discover virtually each one of the following amazing places in the driest desert in the world

San Pedro Church


Spend your day by the sea, enjoying the sun on a recliner, discover the ocean floor of the Pacific while diving or get on a jet-ski to enjoy the waves. On its beaches, nothing seems impossible.

El Tatio Geysers

San Pedro Church

The Church of San Pedro de Atacama is a Catholic church in San Pedro de Atacama, Chile. Constructed during the Spanish colonial period, it is reportedly the second oldest church in Chile.

Puritama Hot Springs


Enjoy the warm, calm and turquoise waters of this beach, with white coral sand and palm trees, set in the foreground of the two Ahus and their Moai. A unique landscape you can’t miss.


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